Our Mission:

To get people together to play, laugh and create great memories.


Our Method:

To play games. To make games. To introduce people to games.


Why Dice Up Games?

Kristin wants to grab Dice and start rolling. She wants to play games and get people excited about them. She wants to dice up and go! She also wants to talk about Star Wars... A lot!


Why Dice Up Games?

Tim wants to dig deeper into how a game works, what the core mechanics are and "maybe" tinker with it a bit. He can't play a game without dicing it up in his head. He also likes swords!

"You succeed... 

And you have to live with yourself."

Why Dice Up Games?

Connor wants to grow up in a world that is accepting of all people and encouraging of all dreams. He wants to play games and be a super hero.

(He is 4 years old)

"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!"