Our Mission:

To get people together to play, laugh and create great memories.


Our Method:

To play games. To make games. To introduce people to games.

Why Dice Up Games?

Kristin wants to grab Dice and start rolling. She wants to play games and get people excited about them. Kristin is a mother, game designer, writer, podcast producer and co-founder of the Roll to Play Podcast Network!

Why Dice Up Games?

Tim wants to dig deeper into how a game works, what the core mechanics are and "maybe" tinker with it a bit. He can't play a game without dicing it up in his head. Tim is a father, game designer, writer, and co-founder of the Roll to Play Podcast Network!

Illustrations by Dawn Dragon Art

How Games Changed Tim & Kristin Devine

Tim & Kristen, longtime friends of the show, are here to talk all about their games, game hacks, and how designing together affected their relationship. We talk a lot about how they change games, but also how games changed them.


North Sea Epilogues: Interview with Shem Phillips, and Tim & Kristin Devine

We sat down with Shem Phillips, designer of the North Sea trilogy and the forthcoming Architects of the West Kingdom, and Tim & Kristin Devine, designers of the forthcoming North Sea Epilogues! Want to learn more about this RPG system that's hitting Kickstarter on September 12th? You're in the right place. Get the inside scoop today, and mark your calendars! Also, do you want to hear an actual podcast play of the North Sea Epilogues system? Go check out Victory Condition Gaming on YouTube, and upcoming episodes of Roll to Play, Modifier, and Party of One podcasts.